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 Each kit contains four 3.8lt bottles, and an applicator that connects to a standard garden hose connection-fitting.  Each kit does approximately 400sqm @ 2% ratio.


  • Barricade has a shelf life in excess of 7 years, & only needs agitation several times a year & before use. The applicator automatically produces a gel/water mix of 2%, which in turn produces an ember, radiant heat and flame barrier.

    Barricade can be applied in just minutes using a standard garden hose, to any surface including vertical and overhanging, and any material including glass, metal, timber and vegetation. 

    Barricade is effective up to 24 hours after application, and can be removed simply with water. You can also ‘rehydrate’ the gel coating by ‘misting’ water over it, to rehydrate the gel layer back to approx 80% of its initial performance. 

    Barricade is the result of 10 years of research and testing to eliminate nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) and petroleum distillate from fire gels. Barricade is the first and only liquid fire gel concentrate that has been approved for use by the Forest Service that does not contain toxic chemical additives known as NPEs and petroleum distillate oils. Environmental organizations have called upon the U.S. Forest Service to ban the use of other firefighting chemicals that contain NPEs.

    The use of Barricade has proven to be extremely water efficient and does not require special training or equipment. All you need is a standard hose and basic pressure.

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